– Roberts International Airport (RIA)

Roberts International Airport (IATA: ROB, ICAO: GLRB), informally also known as Robertsfield, is an international airport in the West African nation of Liberia. Located near the town of Harbel, the single runway airport is about 35 miles (56 km) outside of the nation’s capital of Monrovia, and as an origin and destination point is referred to as “Monrovia” and locally is often referred to simply as “RIA.” The airport is named in honor of Joseph Jenkins Roberts, the first President of Liberia.

The facility with its 11,000 feet (3,400 m) long runway was an emergency landing site for the United States’ Space Shuttle program and is the principal airport in the country and one of only two with paved runways in the nation.[4] The airport is clearly the nation’s busiest most important aviation facility, with the only connections to Europe. While Monrovia’s secondary airport, Spriggs Payne, is much closer to the city center and possesses the nation’s only other paved runway, it has not had scheduled commercial service since ASKY Airlines suspended service in November 2014.

Destinations Private Shared
- Airfield 57$
- Congo Town 57$
- Mamba Point 57$ 37$
- Schefllin/EBK 57$
- Sinkor 57$
- Downtown Monrovia 57$
- Old Road 57$
- ELWA 57$
- Paynesville 57$